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One week ago my brother, sister in law and nephew welcomed a new addition to their family, baby girl, Gemma Inez. The baby was born happy and healthy at home, as planned. I’m thrilled to be an Aunt again. They didn’t know the sex beforehand. I was so certain it was going to be a boy, but am more than thrilled that it was a girl. She’s has way more hair than most Wells babies, and a cleft chin, just like my brother.

I was watching her big brother, Doc, the night she was born. I don’t know if anyone had told him what was happening that day, while he went from his house, to my parent’s house, back to his own, and then to ours. He probably just thought he was having an awesome play day full of games and family. In the evening my brother called to give us the news and I asked him if he wanted to talk to Doc. He’s only 2 years old (3 in March), so I put the phone on speaker and handed it to him. I could tell my brother was just so elated and emotional when he gave the news “You have a little sister”. Doc thought for a while and I could see the gears turning. I think he might have said something like “the baby’s here?” but then quickly followed it up with something like “can I play ping-pong?” Finally I took the phone back and spoke to my brother. Doc heard the news, but I don’t think it was really sinking in. As I spoke to my brother I walked into the kitchen and a minute later Doc followed me in and looked up at me and said “The baby came out?” I had to laugh, it was so sweet. It was slowly sinking in.

Since then, they have had only wonderful praises for how he is adjusting. This can be a tricky age and you’ll hear stories about siblings rejecting new babies, but Doc has accepted his little sister with wide open arms, as we all have.

I just thought of a funny story to share about her name. My SIL wanted to name first daughter Cecilia. It was a unique name that held special meaning to them. 3 years ago when they were expecting their first born they were both certain the baby was going to be a girl. Just a week or two prior, they sat down to watch The Office and were completely shocked when Jim and Pam named their baby Cecilia! When they announced the name they just looked at each other in disbelief. I think the name even shot up the baby name charts for a short while after that. It didn’t matter anyway, because they ended up having a boy.

Welcome to the world, baby Gemma!


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  1. That’s a nice story, Robyn, but it’s wrong! LOL Before Gemma came along the name was Cecilia (which may be used later down the line)…and I’m pretty sure Jim and Pam named their baby Cecilia…Cici.

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