October 1st – Just a reminder

Today is October 1st.

I couldn't find my smallest silk screen so I just built one real quick from an ikea frame. I'll hopefully be able to pull some prints from this screen.
If you are interested, 31 Postcards in 31 Days begins today. I decided I wanted to do some silk screening for my first week of postcards. We will see how it goes.  I couldn’t find my smallest frame and just built one on a whim. Hear-Hear to just happening to have extra silk on hand, as well as an inexpensive ikea frame.

#The100week begins today!
The 100 Week begins today as well.

Also, happy side note: I think I’ve recovered the resin pieces that flopped last week. I spent a good chunk of time on them yesterday was able to melt off the old, bad resin and replace it with a fresh (correctly mixed) batch. HOORAY!

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