Framed Yoyo Pieces

I have finally been adding some framed yoyo pieces to my shop. It took me this long because the act of photographing, editing and listing is a daunting task, but I have had about 17 framed pieces to add for quite a while. I’ve added 12 and still have 5 more to go. If you are interested, feel free to take a look at what’s available.

Framed yoyo pieces were some of the first pieces I created and that sold well in my etsy shop since back in 2006! I’ve been making yoyos since I was in high school, creating them with scraps my mom had handed me down from her own quilting. Now I use a variety of new and vintage fabrics. I’ve also recently created a small handful using secondhand/vintage sheets AND frames. They’ve been featured on Etsy front page, on Decor8 and many other blogs.

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