Inspiration: Poured Paint and Marbling

In February of this year I bookmarked a post on Poppytalk about New York artist Holton Rower, who makes big art installations made from poured paint. Last week Booooooom posted about him as well and reminded me of his work.

Work by Holton Rower

Both links feature a really cool video of his work being produced.

Then, last week I came upon this post at Anthology Magazine about artist Pernille Snedker Hansen of Snedker┬░Studio who creates these beautiful marbled wood floors. What caught my eye though, were the preliminary “sketches” she creates to work up to the wood floor panels, seen below.

The wood panels and sketches are done in a combination of suminagashi as well as western marbling techniques, where pigments are floated on the surface of water. There is another great video here of her working as well.

work by Pernille Snedker Hansen

I did some paper marbling for a book arts class I took in college, but after seeing these images I REALLY want to do it again.

At any rate, I was really inspired by the super thin lines of concentric circles as well as the color combinations of both Rower and Hansen’s works. I’m finally, finally, finally at a place this year where I am not overwhelmed with other work and can create some artwork that I want to do, just for fun. Right now that means getting back to my third Artomat series I started earlier this year. I just finished creating three pieces that were inspired by these artists to add to my series. Since my paintings are just that, I wanted to add that they are painted in the style of poured paint and marbling, and not actually poured paint or marbling. I don’t think I will be creating any more in this style, but it was fun to get out that inspiration.
7.5.12 painting 2

7.5.12 painting 3 7.5.12 painting 1
and just a reminder, these are actual miniature canvases that I built that will be sold in Artomat machines. You can click on any of the pictures in this post to take you to the original sources.
7.5.12 paintings


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