washi tape keyboard

After seeing this image on flickr and then googling “washi tape keyboard” I had to take my own go at it (seen below).
washi tape keyboard
I decorated my keyboard at work.
Now, if only I had a cuter keyboard at home to decorate. My keyboard at home has black keys and the washi tape is semi transparent so it wouldn’t work out as well.

Here are some links for decorating your keyboard 1, 2, 3

I liked the image that I first linked to at the top of the post with fewer taped keys and rough shapes, rather than trying to perfect each key. I have been wanting to get my own washi tapes for a while. For my birthday my sister got me a few that look like old newspaper and I bought a couple on etsy, BUT Heidi Kenney just posted that Target has a small line of tapes, 4 for $5. This is a huge savings, since you could probably spend that much on just one small roll online. I just more than quadrupled my collection. I’ve been wondering when American markets would catch onto this mostly Japanese trend and start offering their own lines.

Also, check out pinterest for a plethora of boards devoted to all the cute things you can do with these paper tapes.

edit: Amanda Kavanagh shared with me this link of another inexpensive source for decorated paper tapes.


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  1. great idea! i picked up some of those washi tapes from target a while back too. super cheap! mine are the green/turquoise ones but i keep eyeing the red/pink everytime i go back. i like your colored keyboard, I actually kind of think it’s cuter not to cover every single key with tape.

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