right now I’m…

Buying – vintage pillow cases from Salvation Army and Goodwill
Creating – laundry detergent with Dacia
Eating – rainbow cupcakes from easter. (My mom made these using box cake batter mixed with different flavors of jello and they taste AhhhMazing!)
Listening – to PRX on XM radio, it’s a talk radio show filled with podcasts and shows like the Moth and Story Corps.
Loving – this spring, riding my bike to work, flowers blooming everywhere
Reading – the Hunger Games Trilogy
Seeing – our cat lying on a pillow like it’s his personal throne (this is very unusual because he usually only lays next to things and never on top of them.
Watching – Game of Thrones season two aaaand My Cat From Hell, lol
Wanting – a loooong vacation from work where I could garden and soak in the sun, lay in bed and read and work in my studio around the clock.

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  1. 1 katie

    we have a lot of the same things going on right now! i just read hunger games yesterday (finished it in a day because I couldn’t bear to go to sleep without getting to the end!). i’ve been adding to my pillowcase collection too. aaand i am also daydreaming all the time about having some time to just work and read. wouldn’t it be nice?

  2. 2 Roni J.

    I love your “right now” post! I used to write these in my journals back in the day. I would include the most insane things like “what is irritating the back of my neck? my shirt tag!” and “what is that ringing in my ear? the end of this world” lol nevermind. I like your art and your blog. i found you on flickr and stalked you here. <3

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