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Our cat Bishop has an affinity for styrofoam, as documented here. Because of this we have always been vigilant about keeping the stuff out of our house. Well, a week ago, he was able to sniff out and open a box that had some rubbery type foam packaging inside, and proceed to eat a huge amount of it while we were at work. It wasn’t styrofoam, so we weren’t alerted to hide it away, but apparently it was close enough to the real thing for Bishop. For a half of a week he seemed fine, then all of a sudden he started getting sick and so finally on Wednesday we took him into the vet and he had his SECOND emergency surgery to remove foam from his blocked intestines. He’s a stupid and expensive cat, but we love him.

My brother once told me about how Cap’n Crunch released a limited run cereal that was called “Oops, All Berries”. Ever since then I’ve always had my own vision of a “Oops, All Marshmallows” cereal. While talking about this online with Brenna and Chase, Chase was able to locate sellers who sold cereal marshmallows by the bag. I purchased a pound, oh yeah! When it came in the mail, I poured myself a cereal bowl full, topped it with skim milk and Matt and I enjoyed it. Delicious. I tell ya, I’m such a little kid, BUT at the same time this is why it is awesome to be a grown up. You can eat a bowl of dehydrated marshmallows for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you want.


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2 thoughts on “This happened

  1. in college we had all kinds of jokes about the “oops! all berries!” such as: “oops! broken glass and nails!”

    i ate cookies for breakfast today, so yes, I agree. . .being an adult is awesome.

  2. oh my… Luna ate a piece of fleece once and EXACTLY the same thing happened. Good thing we are alert to behavior changes in our kitties, because it would have been tragic if we didn’t rush to the vet. You earn an A+ for KITTY LOVE!

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