Brian Regan

Tonight we went to go see the comedian Brian Regan. Our family has a long history of going to see him perform live. Tonight I laughed harder than I can remember laughing ever before. I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face and I felt my heart was going to explode and I just had to stop looking at him otherwise I thought I was just going to drop dead right there in the theater. This is not an embellishment. I looked over at my mom a little bit later and she was also wiping away tears. A little bit later I heard the woman behind me talking about how she was crying as well. Not many men can make women cry and take it as a compliment. Even Matt was saying that he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t catch his breath.

The video above was an older bit I’ve seen him perform in the past. He has new stuff now so it won’t spoil anything if you already plan on seeing him. And, if you don’t already plan on seeing him, I highly recommend it. If laughter is a medicine than I think everyone at tonight’s show should be healthy for some time to come.


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