Renegade 2010

As annual tradition dictates, my sister and I hit up Renegade Chicago this weekend. Last year we went on Sunday and there were vicious, pushy crowds, while vendors were left with little variety in product. So, this year I vowed to make sure and go early. It worked. For better or worse, I dropped almost $200 bucks.

(the pictures below are all credited to the sellers, and items can be found by clicking on links AND pictures)


The digital photobooth, provided by Renegade. They had a suitcase of props. I can never pass up a photobooth opportunity.

I got this t-shirt by,

one of these chalkboard quotes from RedVelvetArt,

a cute shoulder bag by Gerbera Designs. It is not this bag, but uses the same strawberry fabric, and has the coolest pockets and is reversible,

a brass necklace from (once again, not this particular necklace, it’s filigree instead),

A Bent Feather Ring from ,

dork-dance by Zoo-Mouse-Key, but my book is handbound and an original intaglio print book,

a couple prints from Paul Friedrich (onionhead monster).

Okay, check back later for part two of the things I got at Renegade.  Dinner is done and the Mr. is getting restless.


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