Day Seventeen – Little Book

8.25.10 page spread, originally uploaded by robayre.

Today I had to bring some disaster relief to my drawing table. Papers were starting to pile high. Tools were lost between the layers. I couldn’t work on finishing up my next yoyo pouch because my sewing machine would not even fit on the table. Instead I tidied up some and did another little book page spread.
Alyn Carlson has announced on her blog that she is doing a promotion to try and grow her readership. To thank those who brought new fans to her site, she will send a small piece of original artwork. It wasn’t hard for me to get a small handful of friends to visit and subscribe to her blog. Her work speaks for itself.

Two packages going out today. 10 new friends for my blog., originally uploaded by Alyn Carlson.

The other day Alyn’s artwork arrived (pictured immediately above). I love her work so much and was giddy when my little package arrived. I think I am going to mount and frame it. It’s so lovely. I’ve swooned about her here before, but let me do it again. She’s a mixed media artist, graphic designer, actor AND chicken rancher. She makes the most unbelievably beautiful paper art hats and one day I hope to be the owner of one. You can visit her blog here, her flickr here and her etsy shop here.

If you like her work, you can still participate and send friends to the Colorgirl blog and receive your own original piece. Just read here.


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