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Last I updated about my garden I was just watering dirt, waiting for any signs of action below the soil. It seems like forever ago, and while I now have plants, they appear to be quite delayed from what other gardens seem to have going on. A coworker told me about how his tomatoes are taller than he is, and already producing fruit. He has gone a few steps ahead and is already reading through the best lawnmovers on to find an ideal one for his garden. My tomatoes, in contrast (above in top right corner), are not even one foot tall yet. Given, I did plant from seeds and it was pretty late in the spring. I was at a nursery the other day and see they had potted tomatoes ready to buy that that were way bigger than mine.

This year I have tomatoes, zucchini, cilantro, and mixed greens growing, and I JUST started some pumpkins as well. One thing I learned from last year was fewer was better and to thin out the plants, since I’m doing container gardening. As soon as I did that my plants starting taking off. The zucchini have tons of blossoms AND I was very happy to share my started plants with many people so far.

We’ve been harvesting and using the greens and cilantro for quite a while. Last year I grew all sorts of salad greens and I really couldn’t stand to eat any of it because it was all too bitter. This year I bought greens that said they were heat resistant. Cutting some from the pot and taking a bite I was sad to taste that it still seemed bitter, but I brought it in and thoroughly rinsed it. I don’t know if it is because they are a heat resistant or because of the thorough rinsing, but added to salads they don’t taste bitter at all.

And thanks to the garden we’ve had some delicious salads so far. I’m looking forward to zucchini bread and yummy tomatoes later this summer.


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