Day Eighteen – Masaic of 365 Pics

I haven’t mentioned this yet on ye old blog, but in January I jumped on the bandwagon and started my own 365 project (a project where you take a different photograph everyday for 365 days). For today’s Thing I created this mosaic of the first 25 days of my lazy man’s 365 project. I call it the lazy man’s 365, because I’m just taking a picture of myself everyday from my webcam. I figure it won’t be too hard to complete as I spend a large amount of time everyday at the computer anyway. I’ve been waiting till I had a nice quantity to put together a collection. I used the mosaic maker at bighugelabs which links to flickr and I plan on making more of these as the year continues.

Also, while we are talking about 365 projects, check out the collections so far of Bri and Sheasy who are also doing their own.


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3 thoughts on “Day Eighteen – Masaic of 365 Pics

  1. That’s a good idea to just use the web cam. Maybe I’ll jump in- but not until March 1st. I’m that kind of person. It HAS to start on the first of something. This is only one of a handful of things I’m meticulous about. For the most part- I am totally disorganized and free spirited ;)

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