white on white framed yo-yo set

I’ve finally finished this yo-yo set that I’ve been working on for an eternity. If you recall, I got the idea after finding two of these charming, pre-loved white frames at the secondhand shop. Naturally, I thought of making one set from entirely white fabric.

It’s a lot larger than the normal framed yo-yo sets, and is now available in my shop. 9×9=81 whole yo-yos, hand-sewn by yours truly.

I love, love, love home decor that uses mostly white, with the sparse and purposeful splash of bright colors. When I made this piece I guess I was inspired by that kind of a home.

2 Responses to “white on white framed yo-yo set”

  1. 1 kimbuktu

    Love it!

  2. 2 Bri

    I like the sweet twig that you paired with it. Nice work!

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