Happy Holiday Weekend

forsythia, originally uploaded by robayre.

Matt and I are about to head up to an Easter dinner with his family in Milwaukee, but before we depart I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend and share a couple quick inspirational links.

I took a quick picture of some forsythia walking home from work this week and using this cool tool I doctored it up a bit.

Check out this little series of posts about zines from last fall, on mint design blog.  I remember when I first read about zines in sassy magazine back in probably 91. I was taking graphic arts as a freshman in high school and it got me even more excited about design and here I am a graphic designer for around 12 years. It was always a dream of that little freshman to design her own zine of her own. Then I remember buying my own first zines from Crackers and Honey. Before that I always had imagined zines as article themed, photography, and design oriented, but Karissa’s were artsy an craftsy, as well as design based.

I want to make a zine. Just throw it onto my pile of project addiction.

oops, gotta go! Have a good weekend.

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  1. 1 katie

    oh yeah! I have also wanted to make a zine since I read about it in sassy like 15+ years ago. it’s totally one of those things that’s always on my “to do. . . . someday” list.

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