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A while ago I read this blog post on the Drawn blog. It’s about the artist Randel Plowman who offers a brand new original piece of artwork every day. I’ve read about daily artists before and I really love the idea. Doing a little research I found this article about the painting-a-day phenomenon on ebay. The article says that there are possibly hundreds of artists out there who produce and offer for sale their original work on a daily schedule. Furthermore, the author says, and this is paraphrased, that by combining the practice of daily production, blogging and selling on their own, artists are then able to offer their work and buyers might be able to purchase and collect work at a more affordable price because the gallery and/or consignment fees are cut out and sold directly to the buyers.

I really have admiration for those who have the stick-to-it-iveness to do something daily like this. At the beginning of the year I committed to doing a quick daily collage in my page-a-day book. Well, that didn’t really last for very long. I’d love to try and do a piece and add it to my etsy shop each day for a month. That sounds more do-able. When I see a month coming up where things aren’t so hectic I hope to give it a whirl.

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