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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Saturday my best friend Erica and I went to Ikea and spoke a lot of our upcoming road trip. Soon, we will be driving about 1,000 out to visit her sister and family. We will probably just be at her sister’s place for a couple days at the most, and the rest of the trip is saved for road tripping. Since we were 16 we’ve been talking about taking a long cross-country road trip and although we aren’t driving as much and as far as we’d like, we are finally getting our trip. We’ve been friends since kindgergarten and we have very similar tastes and ideas when it comes to road trips. We’ve actually already been to Alaska and England together and it has been a while since our last trip. We are up for exploring, adventures and projects along the way. Last night I found this excellent website that chronicles by map all of the odd, off the beaten path, type of places to visit. I’ve been searching for a website like this for years so I am glad to find it:
Then Saturday night (with halloween approaching quickly) my brother hosted his second annual Ghost Story Telling Bonfire (picture above). It was a lot of fun and of course I got a little freaked out a few times.
Through my brother, I was introduced to a few new creepy things such as:
Black Eyed Kids or (BEK)
The Dyatlov Pass Incident
A cool podcast devoted to people’s ghost encounters
Of course next weekend is the Pumpkinfest in the neighboring city. Erica and I go every year. I’ve heard that the parade is actually Illinois’ largest parade (longest, or most floats, I’m not sure?) She and I used to march in it when we were in band growing up and it’s perfect timing for all sorts of polititions to ride in old-timey cars, wave and kiss babies. There are usually plenty of cool floats as well.
Lastly, for now, Dacia’s Pirates vs. Ninja event is rapidly approaching. Should be lots of laughs.


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