Say what you need to say

I’ve fallen way behind on my Page A Days, but I haven’t given up. I realized this morning that I have time to do a page ever morning before I go to work. It takes a bit of time for me to switch from left to right brain thinking so we will see how it goes. The problem could be that once I get to right brained thinking I don’t want to stop creating.

The top right page which repeats the word “say” over and over was inspired by my friend Nikki, whom you might remember was diagnosed with cancer last summer. She is only 26. Well, as it turns out the cancer has returned and she is approaching treatment of high intensity chemo, where they basically take a person near death, killing almost everything and all immunity in the body. They first harvest white blood cells so that once the chemo is over they can re-inject it to protect her and grow more. Then she will go through it all over again, two times in a row. No one will be allowed to visit her unless they are completely scrubbed in and wearing full cover to protect her. With no immunity she could easily become susceptible to any virus or bacteria. The Dr.s have given a grim prognosis that the cancer will most likely return even after this, but we are all keeping our spirits high and more importantly, so is she. After informing us about the high intensity chemo, she confided that she wasn’t sure if she should tell people about this. I told her that I appreciated her sharing. I feel it is important to let people know, and not carry the weight all alone. I remember hearing about an acquaintance’s parent who was dying of cancer and decided to not tell anyone. I just think how horrible that people that knew her were not able to say goodbye, and she and her family must have felt incredibly isolated in their pain because they couldn’t talk to others about it. I believe communication is almost always a good thing. After talking with Nikki that day, the John Mayer song Say came on the radio:

“You better know that in the end, It’s better to say too much, than never to say what you need to say again. Say what you need to say.”

After that I was very happy to see that she shared the info on her Caring Bridges page. Please feel free to visit her site. And please, if you could, keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She will need it now more than ever.


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