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Today I discovered that Google Street Maps has been updated for my city. So, what did I do today, other than spend a lot of time searching the streets of my city. Things I found:

  • My little city has been covered, but much larger and seemingly more important suburbs of Chicago are not covered.
  • My parents had their garage door open and you can see the mowed strip of lawn that became my dads method of letting me know it was time to mow their lawn for them.
  • A coworker of mine is out mowing his lawn.
  • I’m pretty sure you can see my car parked in my apartment parking lot.
  • The shots must have occurred on a friday because the war protesters and government supporters were standing on their facing street corners that they occupy each friday evening.


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One thought on “Google Street Maps

  1. Man! Big Brother Google is watching. My neighborhood hasn’t been done, but most of Aurora and Naperville seem to be photographed.

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