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Just a few cool links I wanted to share:

It’s finally March and that means Thing A Day is complete! You can check out all my posts for the month here. It was fun, and I’m proud to have completed something to share each day. One thing I learned; it’s one thing to create something every day, and it is another, to have to photograph it, post it and write something about it. I will be glad to go back to working on whatever I want for now, big sigh.

Here is a link via design sponge (I think) about people who dress only in one color always. I really love hearing stories about eccentric people and the idea of wearing only one color, head to toe, everyday makes me wish I could do something like that. One woman wondered if it might be some sort of illness, as she has to wear that color head to toe, even including underwear to the soles of her shoes. Another one said they couldn’t fall asleep unless they were wearing their color. Very cool.

Last week, a coworker informed me that I am in a minority of 25% of the population that “suffers” from Photic Sneeze Reflex. Basically, light causes me to sneeze. I never knew that it was rare, I thought everyone was like this, although I have encountered people who thought I was crazy for thinking that light would make me sneeze. In fact my brother was in disbelief until matt found the above page. The funniest thing is that on that wiki page it says there is possible treatment for this disorder but “the oft pleasurable nature of sneezing means that there is less demand for solutions to the reflex.” Sneezing is fun, lol. Neither my brother or sister have this ability, but I swear my mom or dad must, because I remember one of them teaching me as a child to use to my advantage. When you have one of those sneezes that just won’t come out, you just open your eyes as wide as you can and look into bright light and you’ll sneeze.


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8 thoughts on “inspirational link-iness

  1. Is it really an illness?? I have this photo thing too, the sun usually makes me sneeze, and I also look at the lamp or light bulb when I feel a sneeze is stuck there in my nose. I thought EVERYBODY was this way!!! Maybe only we creative extraordinaries suffer from it?!! :)

  2. I don’t think it is an illness, as much as it is a condition, kind of like how some people can roll their tongue or are double jointed. I just prefer to think of myself as genetically superior :)

  3. Oh yeah, sneezing because of light is such a genetically superior trait to have. Very useful! I sit at home sometimes and just dream about one day reflexively sneezing from the sun. You are so lucky. Please use your gift for the betterment of mankind.

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