wood burnt pendants

It is Thursday evening already. Ever since I joined the YMCA and have been going there regularly after work, my evenings fly by. I get off work and next thing I know it is 10:30. I’ve actually hit a brick wall on the Couch To 5K program. Going from the two 8 minute runs into a straight 20 minute run scared the heck out of me. The day I was supposed to originally do the 20 minute run I quit after only running¬†5 minutes. In the meantime I have been repeating the two 8 minute runs every other day and they don’t seem to be getting any easier. Today I let myself have a rest day and didn’t go to the gym at all and almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I honestly wanted to just go to bed at 7. Instead I got up and went for a quick bike ride over to my parents and that woke me up.


Here are some pendants I have been making lately. I originally got the idea to do miniature wood burnt drawings for necklaces and found just the perfect sized wood at Michaels. Then the idea to add other things, such as the feathers and charms, came to me that same night in those moments right before falling asleep. I always have the best ideas just then and used to sleep with my sketchbook so that I could get up real quick and write them down before falling asleep. I’ve gotten out of the habit of that and just know I’ve lost countless brilliant ideas since then. I tell myself not to forget it as I am falling asleep but unless I write it down, it is gone forever. Anyway, the left one is up for sale at my etsy shop and the right one has been painted and it is the one I’ve been wearing all week.

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