For Christmas Matt and I got a GPS for traveling. It’s a Garmin and beyond way-cool! It’s got everything in there, restaurants, gas stations, museums, local attractions, you name it. Between Christmas and New Years my sister-Chris, Matt and I took a mini (day) road-trip up to Wisconsin. We used the GPS to navigate our destinations and it made it very simple, no need to mess with mapquest print outs, plus if you accidentally miss a turn, the GPS recalculates for you.

We had cornish pastys on the brain. When we were kids and would visit Madison that is what we would always eat. Chris found a location and we got there swiftly. Unfortunately what their website failed to mention was that they were closed for holiday. The one Pasty location we had directions for was closed and promptly I lost a contact on the streets of Madison. All was well after I found it, we went up the block and stopped at this great pizza place. Chris and I got caprazi salad pizza, matt got buffalo chicken pizza and as I passed I saw another pizza that had french fries on it!

We decided to adventure where the GPS would take us and after seeing billboards (isn’t Wisonsin the state of Billboards: Tommy Bartlet, Wisconsin Dells, CHEESE) we decided to see if we could get into the Cave of Mounds. Once we arrived the sign said closed during the week, but we decided to continue to the office and see if there was still a chance. Turned out they were pretty happening and we could get into a tour within 5 minutes. I’d been there before, but it was Chris’ and Matt’s first time. Something that I learned this time around, most stalactites are actually hollow in the center and the water drips through the center. I always imagined the water just leaked around it, not through it.

After the Cave we were in search for the Cheese Chalet, where we always stop and get cheese curds (they’re only good  when they are fresh and squeek). When we got back into town I met up with some girlfriends for a farewell dinner. My friend Jenny is on a plane as I type this, on her way to Africa to do volunteer work for about 14 weeks.


Here is Lindsay, Jenny in the center and Gail. This was taken last night as she was frantically still packing for todays flight. Today, at the last possible moment I called her to ask if it wasn’t too late to run a mix CD over to her for her travels. I’ve sent her mix CDs on her previous travels, but this time I probably won’t have a mailing address to send it to her. Anyway, I am just so excited for her. She is hoping to send weekly updates and I can’t wait to hear from her. She is by far my most brave and adventurous friend, I have so much pride for her and see so many traits in her I wish I had. Just a few minutes again she sent out a text message saying she was on her way.

Good Luck Jenny, I love you!


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