I Voted… Did You?

I got up this morning and headed over to the DMV to get a new license plate sticker for my car. Apparently they are closed on election day. Did you know that? I went yesterday too, forgetting that they are closed on Mondays as well. Two days in a row. Do these people ever work?

I went to my normal polling place and I was mortified, as all my neighbors stood gaping, I was not on their list of registered voters. They broke out a map and showed me where I might be listed. I went home looking for┬áthe postcard, I swear it said the same place I have always gone. I couldn’t find it. I walked a couple blocks over to the new place and yippeee! I was on their list, and they were all super friendly. Phew, I was relieved. How was I going to cancel out matts vote, if I couldn’t cast my ballot? Oh wait, he said he voted green, I guess his vote didn’t count anyway, lol, JK, seriously, that was mean, I’m a bad-bad person.

P.S. The real important news of the day….Britney filed for divorce, who knew?


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