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Day 2 – “To Do List” Notepad

2.2 to do pad
Today was a snowday, probably the only one I’ll ever experience as an adult. See, I live only 7 minutes away from work and it shouldn’t be that hard to get there. BUT, last night we got hit by SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011. The snow was so bad that last night, before it even got that horrible, we tried to go out and the car got stuck halfway in the driveway and halfway on the street. It took us an hour and half to undo that mess. Basically this morning I realized that if I was going into work, I’d need someone to come pick me up. When I called in, no one else was there. So, Matt and I got to enjoy the day off and even tackled the driveway and sidewalks. I think we might be able to get out now, but there’s no bets on getting back up our driveway. When we go to work tomorrow, we might never get to come home ever again… well, at least until spring.

2.2 to do pad5
Needless to say, today I had plenty of time to work on my Thing-a-Day. Ever since I designed my bunting notepads I’ve been wanting to make a long and skinny “to do list” notepad in a similar style, with a magnet on back so it can hang on a filing cabinet or refrigerator. I decided with the simple word “today” instead of “to do” so if you wanted to use it for something other than a to-do list you could. So, instead of reminding yourself that you need to twitter, or win the lotto today, you might list the things you are grateful for today, like snow days, and a neighbor that has a snow blower and does part of your sidewalk for you. Thanks, Dude! Here are some progress pictures. Above is the image, letters cut out by hand of random pretty papers, and ready to take a picture. Chances are, if you’ve received something in the mail from me, it was in this same font called robayre. Why robayre? Because I created it and I’m cool like that.

2.2 to do pad4

Next I edited the picture on the computer, designed the notepad and then printed out the sheets. Cut and padded them. I should have reversed that order, but they turned out fine anyway.

2.2 to do pad3

Voila! The finished product.

2.2 to do pad2

Day Ten – Banner Flag Notepad

Once again, I’m really stoked about the project I came up with for today for day 10 of the “create something every day in August” challenge.

I was at work and thinking about how we print notepads for customers occasionally. I immediately decided to create some as a new paper product for my Etsy shop, but it took me a bit more time to come up with a design for them. At first I was just going to look through my old artwork and use a cropped thumbnail as an image on each sheet. Then I got the idea to make a banner flag notepad and was just so excited to get home and start working on it. I actually made little banners, photographed them, photoshop-ed them, designed them on the computer, printed them out, cut them down and padded them, all this evening. I want to make tons of them. I’d actually love to get some professionally printed and padded, but I don’t know if they would be successful enough to sell. This is a dilemma I often have. I have the constant passion to design and create, but lack the exposure and/or buying demand for the things I make.

I made four pads all together (two different images, and lined and unlined), just to test the water. I’m so excited to offer them in my Etsy shop, there’s one pad there now. I’ll post more tomorrow.