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It’s Tuesday and that means…

FOUND ART TUESDAY! As usual, I wait until last moment and then frantically try to think of a place to leave my artwork. A place where it will be safe from the elements, not too populous so that I’m watched, and not too vacant so that the piece goes un-found.

Last week I was in Chicago, but could I be prepared enough to create a piece beforehand AND bring it along? Of course not. So, where did I leave today’s piece? Well, I had to run to the post office and drop off a package, so I figured I’d make it a two for one and leave my artwork in the lobby. As I left it I started worrying I could get in trouble for leaving my artwork. Hope not.

I hope the person who finds and keeps the painting enjoys it. As usual.

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Road Trip 2008

carhenge, originally uploaded by robayre.

Happy Halloween! Long time, no see, I’ve been on my road trip to Colorado with my best friend, since Wednesday. Right now I’m in a hotel room in Nebraska on the border of Colorado. Yesteday we drove to Carhenge. We took the scenic route there and basically drove 200 miles without ever hitting a street sign or an intersection, it was crazy. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to the real stonehenge before, but Erica has. Carhenge was really awesome and I took tons of pictures. I was taking pictures on 3 cameras, one of them being a polaroid and decided to create an impromptu Found Art piece.

carhenge pola 2

carhenge pola 3

Scores and Found Art/Street Art, Yo!

polaroid colorpack II land camera, originally uploaded by robayre.

This weekend I scored this polaroid colorpack II land camera from Erica’s Grandma. I have already purchased a fugi film pack to use with it. I’m so excited to use it. It’s like brand new and came in the original box and everything.

I also bought myself this hibiscus plant, my favorite flower. I just hope it is as cool as my mom’s, which blossoms all winter long.
Both the above pictures were adjusted using picnik, recommended by Rosa on her blog. You can do all sorts of effects with your images right on flickr.

Today I finally left my found art piece from last week. It was set on top of a lotto machine at Matt’s suggestion. I was so afraid that the guy at the register was going to get testy with us for messing around near the machine, but I think he was too busy helping customers.

Lastly, today I got some mail from my sister. She sent me a couple pages from her page a day calendar that she thought I might like. I liked ’em, thanks Chris! The top one says “Compose a poem and leave it in a public place to brighten up someone’s day” and the bottom one says “Stick a message on a fruit”. I love both of them, but the bottom one really has inspired me. It reminded me of two things:
1. When I was trying to fill up my Wreck This Journal page with fruit stickers, I totally cheated by covering the back of my hand with the stickers off of fruit I didn’t buy at the grocery store. One time I was checking out and wasn’t paying attention and the cashier saw my hand and asked “Are those our stickers?” She didn’t seem too upset so I showed them to her proudly and she just laughed.
2. I used to do this thing when I would go to Walmart where I would pick up fake plastic fruit from the craft department and strategically place them in the real fruit bins. They blend in amazingly. I never stuck around to watch as people picked them up and immediately were shocked at their lack of weight and delicious juiciness. Ha ha, I crack myself up.
Anyway, I think the next natural step in messing around with the produce department in grocery stores would be fake labels. I’m a graphic designer after all, how come I didn’t think of this idea sooner?

time to grow

time to grow close up, originally uploaded by robayre.

Years ago when my mom was moving classrooms I found this really big bin of pin backed letters for a cork board. She gave them to me because she never used them. I’ve had them for about 4 years, not knowing what to do with, or how to use them. Well, a couple weeks ago the Found Art Tuesday theme was Grow, and I came up with this idea to pin a phrase onto a tree. With it being spring and the theme being grow, it just seemed appropriate. This piece is not like my standard Found Art, in that it isn’t a piece that someone could take with them. The piece still goes along with the idea of guerilla art and while people are taking this path, I hope it catches their eye and makes them stop and think a bit.

Please click on the photos to see them better over at flickr.

Treasure Hunt

Today I released my Found Art Tuesday piece into the world. You can see the painting in yesterday’s post here. This is actually a big step for me because I actually left it in my own city, which has always been a fear of mine. I was able to do this by doing it in a more secretive manner. I put it in a geocache that was near the art building at NIU. For this painting I was combining a couple projects in one, Found Art Tuesday and Geocaching. Have you heard of Geocaching? It is a world wide treasure hunt and so much fun. You visit the website and then use a GPS to find coordinates to caches that are hidden around all of us all the time. My hopes are to set up my own cache sometime soon that will be themed for artwork. Sometimes geocaches have booty inside, and if you take something you must leave something behind. Most of the time these treasures are just kid junk like happy meal toys, etc. I want to create a geocache that is filled with original pieces of artwork, for artists to trade.

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I would like to mention it again. Found Art Tuesday has a new flickr group and I’d love for everyone to join in. It is so much fun. The thing that really appeals to me about found art is the idea of shaking things up. People don’t expect to find artwork for free out in the world. Imagine how most people are just living their lives on autopilot and coming across a piece of artwork makes you snap out of it a bit. Sometimes people are so caught up in this way of life that they don’t even notice it or if they do they pass it up anyway, or that they are too afraid to step out of their bounds of comfort and take a bit of risk and take it. Read Rosa’s experience of this weeks found art piece here.

Heart Beat

I’ve had my heart jump twice this week so far. Once for fear and once for joy.

On Sunday in the process of moving car loads of stuff from my apartment to the house, I stopped to fill up on gas. As I maneuvered through the parking lot to an open pump a girl started backing up towards me. I hit the horn, but she continued and hit my car. The odd thing is, as I’ve been moving, I’ve had this fear and “feeling” that something was going to happen to my car. I even voiced my concern to Matt. Immediatly after it happened, my heart just jumped and continued to pound like crazy. I was prepared to see my car wrangled, but fortunately the damage was minimal. I was just so thankful that it wasn’t my fault.

The second thing that made my heart jump was earlier today when checking my bloglines and updates on 52projects. I found that not only did Jeffrey Yamaguchi cover Rosa’s Found Art Tuesday, but he also mentioned my website as a “site to check out”. How exciting!