Right Now I’m…

The tree is a hit! Happy Halloween!
A promised picture of our Halloween tree lit up at night. It looked so cool!

Anticipating: A busy holiday season
Buying – Supplies online for making calendars
Creating –  Lots and lots of my gold and silver holiday garlands
Eating – Candy and more candy. I’m so sick of it, and yet I keep eating it.
Feeling – Anxiety, for no particular reason. I’m waking up in the mornings feeling like I forgot that I have huge exam or final that day but I have no finals or exams. I just wish I could sleep without unneccesary stress waking me up.
Listening – I’ve been stuck listening to my Harry Belefonte, Jump The Line station on Spotify. I want it to play mostly old quirky songs, but sometimes it gets stuck just playing pop 50s which also OK.
Loving – My clean studio!
Missing – Riding my bike to work everyday. Near the end of the season I was ready to be done riding every day, but just 2 weeks later and I’m already missing it.
Procrastinating – Orders that need to be mailed.
Reading – Damned by Chuck Palahniuk (only about 10 pages from the end) and wondering what I’m going to read while walking on my treadmill after this is done.
Seeing – The colors change on the trees, I’m excited to share a mini project I’ve had in the works regarding this.
Watching – Walking Dead, current season. We’re also watching old episodes of “My First Home” on Netflix.
Wanting – ♫ VACATION, all I ever wanted

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Edit: Just finished Damned only to find that it is actually a 2 parter. Guess I’ll be reading Doomed next.

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