Nada Farm Barn Sale

Picture driving out in the midwest countryside during this beautiful fall season, the sun is setting and the light catches the passing prairie and farm fields. Hold on a sec, there are cars parked all along the country road and there’s a pasture field loaded with vehicles. You park and approach a beautiful old homestead, romantically lit tents and plenty of people buzzing around. It’s the Nada Farm Barn Sale.
Nada Farm barn sale, really, I promise you this is inside a barn

I’ve posted before about Nada Farm, but it’s been a few years. It’s an actual location AND a blog (written by owner Anne Marie). The blog is a unique treasure to read and poetically captures life in the midwest prairie.

Nada Farm barn sale, tea cups hanging

Friday night my sister-in-law Dacia invited my sister and I to the Nada Farm barn sale. Dacia is real life friends with Anne Marie and was going to be performing at the Barn Sale the next day, playing guitar for the patrons, vendors and students taking classes.

Feather murals at nada farm barn sale
Entering the barn was like moving into another reality, as you might be able to tell from the pictures above. These feathers were huge murals painted inside the barn by Anne Marie herself, watch this video of the process. Don’t believe it was inside a barn? Notice the rafters at the top of the first picture.
Oh, just sittin' on a hay bale at Nada Farm

We each found a treasure to take home from the sale and enjoyed homemade soup and apple cider while listening to the music of Greg Wheaton.  Here’s a shot while I sat in the haystack lounge.

Ann Marie’s barn sale event is held twice a year (Ithink) and I can’t wait until the spring event, and hope I might take a class then.


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