Day Eleven: Fiesta Lime Chicken Tacos

For today’s thing, I actually altered a recipe I found online. The recipe was for Fiesta Lime Chicken breasts, but instead of serving it as breasts, I chopped the chicken up, and served them on flour tortillas with a bit of low fat sour cream and cilantro. They were delicious and I was extremely proud of myself. If you read this blog at all you will know I don’t enjoy cooking. I’m not a bad cook, I would just rather spend time putting food in my mouth than spending that same time preparing and cooking. Plus, unless I’m making something I know is tried and true, there always comes this time while I’m preparing when I want to throw in the towel because “I just know it’s gonna be a flop.” It rarely is, but I worry. I’m glad I stuck it out because both Matt and I really enjoyed it tonight and it was a very quick and satisfying meal.

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  1. 1 barbara

    your cooking description is exactly how I feel… rather eat it than make it- and never really believe what I make is all that good ;) Good for you that you created something that you really like.

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