Day Four – ‘Roid Week 2010

Here’s a polaroid izone picture of my yoyo quilt. This picture is probably from ’98 or ’99. Remember izone? I still mourn the end of izone. I remember a picture my friend Nicole D. and I took and stuck on the toll booth leaving town. Remember “change” toll booths in Illinois? Those are all but gone too. Times change.

I love Polaroid, and that means ALL Polaroid products. In other words, I am a sucker for a Polaroid gimmick. This has led me, time and time again, to be disappointed when they’ve discontinued products…until at last the FINAL discontinuation of ALL instant photos. That is, but one last gimmick, and I’ve used this blog as a stage to plug it over and over. POLAROID POGO! Take pictures with any digital picture, carry your portable pogo printer with you and print little Polaroid pictures on the go. Here you can read a previous post all about how it works.

 5.6 polaroid zink 002  self portrait with a nest

Here is a Polaroid Pogo print and the original file from which it was printed. If you click on the images it will take you to their flickr pages so you can see them larger. Each pogo also can double as a sticker, if you peel off the release paper on the back. I love my printer and of course I think everyone should get one. I think they were even going to carry a printer and camera in one, so you can take the pictures on the digital Polaroid and print them straight from the camera, but I haven’t seen any of them out there yet.

edit: I forgot to mention I also offer mounted Polaroid Pogo prints in my Etsy shop, check them out here.




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  1. I miss the izone too; I had a little guestbook and would take instant photos of friends that came to visit. The Pogo looks cool!

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