Bunny Love

Matt and Theo snuggling

I miss having a pet rabbit and hope to have another one someday. This week Matt needed to buy a new hockey stick, so we went to a store that just happened to have a pet store next door. Perfect. He can take his time perusing sticks and I can waste time falling in love with all the fury animals.

After I’d been in the pet shop only a short while, Matt joined me, defeated by the sport’s store’s lack of variety. We lingered near the exit, where (just by chance) a bin of baby dutch rabbits sat. Matt put his hand in and a black and white hopped over and began licking him. He looked up at me to see if I saw it, and I said joking “it’s coming home with us”. Expecting him to respond with criticism, I was met with his puppy dog eyes saying “really?” Although I do have a hutch, and making home for a baby bunny wouldn’t be that difficult for me on a whim, I pride myself on not being one of those people who buys animals without preparing thoroughly. I had to laugh at the thought of bringing home a new pet unexpectedly, and to that he responded “now or never”. When we eventually left it was bunny-less.

Regardless of what he said, I do think I’ll be getting another rabbit, but when the time is right, and I’m fully prepared.

Today I found this blog about a home with two rabbits.

If you are interested in pet rabbits, please refer to the House Rabbit Society and this book.

2 Responses to “Bunny Love”

  1. 1 Mim

    You’re so much better than me… I would have thought, “I have the hutch. I know rabbits. You’re coming home with us you sweet little ball of fur!”

  2. 2 Amanda Nicole

    Don’t forget shelter buns! I volunteer once a week at a rabbit shelter, and they are so very sweet. I wish I could take them all home with me :)

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