the season

Looks like it’s that time of year again, time to mow the lawn. Yesterday I did my parent’s lawn which is about a half acre. Today matt’s doing our yard, which apparently got a lot longer than my parents. Not sure if you can really see from this vantage point, but the lawn right where the sump pump hose empties out has grass that was knee high. I actually love it. It hasn’t gone to seed yet and is just so beautiful, rich, green, and the texture, ahhhh.

Today my sister and I went to the 13th Annual Elmhurst Art Museums Art in the Park. It’s a juried show of fine art, craft and design. I bought the above Mini paintings by John Stillmunks. The one on the left is called Old King and the one on the right is called Old Clown. I love the colors, looseness and texture in both. My sister got one as well. There were lots of booths with glass (fused and lampwork) and LOTS of artwork. It was a perfect day for it too, as the sky is clear and the temperature is Just Right (as goldilocks would say).

I just gotten bitten or partially stung by a bee or wasp or something. No stinger, but a red speck with a big white swollen circle around it. I thought a moth was stuck in my hair so I grabbed it to gently let it free, little did my hand know, it was a bee/wasp/thing that I just scooped up and had immediate pain. I let go and it flew off. Stupid bee/wasp/thing.


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  1. Just catching up. Love the art you bought and the grass too! I wish it was acceptable t let it stay the way it was.

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