mitten progress

7.28 spun, originally uploaded by robayre.

You might recall this mitten from much earlier this year. Well, this weekend I finally got around to dyeing and spinning the fiber for it’s pair. The original plan was to have a green mitten with one pink stripe in it, but the green did not turn out as I’d hoped. In my mind it was going to be a darker green with some light highlights and blue highlights, but instead it turned out just light, bright green. I might try and dye the yarn with some darker greens and see what happens.

Just a couple more things to share: Here is a tiny little rhubarb plant growing at my parents house. It was planted with just one tiny leaf now it has three leaves, perfect for making one miniature rhubarb pie, lol.

lily of the valley

I picked this huge bouquet at my parents’ house. I love lily of the valley, the smell so wonderful, plus their little bells fit perfectly in with my obsession with all things miniature.

I mowed at my parents’ house this weekend and yep, it finally happened. I mowed right over a little toad, fortunately that little sucker stayed close to the ground and didn’t get hurt. That was a relief, until after I passed it and it started to head back under the mower as I tried to scoop it up and move it. Please little creatures, stay clear of the twirling blades of death, it is not the safe refuge you might think it is.


I just finished talking with my friend Nikki, pictured above. Tonight she starts her intense chemo sessions, which she has humorously nick-named Camp Chemo, because once again chemo will be sucking away her summer break. She seemed to be in high spirits and we had some laughs while she waited in her hospital room for the fun to begin. If you are interested in reading about her, please check out her Caring Bridge page, she is a great writer, much more organized and thought out than my messy, train of thought written blog.


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