april 23 Polaroid week

april 23 Polaroid week, originally uploaded by robayre.

Here is today’s polaroid picture for Polaroid Week 2008. This is the notorious Nikki, who is just about to go through 2 months of high intensity chemo. This is a young woman who took pride in her long, beautiful, blonde wavy hair. When it was lost in her innitial rounds of chemo she was pretty broken hearted about it. Now, in this period between when it has grown back in a bit, and right before it will be all lost again, she decided to have some fun and dye it hot pink. Check out her caring bridges page here: www.caringbridge.org/visit/nicholewilliams. I love this picture so much, as it really shows her vivacious personality and just how truly beautiful she is.
All of your continued positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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