Filofax and Midori

Speaking of paper product inspiration, I have to share with you my latest obsessions, Filofax and Midori Travel Journals. Particularly watching videos on youtube about them because I don’t own either one… yet. I want both desperately but I also JUST KNOW that they will probably just end up being those things I HAD to have and then never actually use, not that I would know anything about that, yeah right. I love how both of these products have so many ways to use them and countless ways to creatively customize them.

First Ashley Goldburg started rolling out free downloads for papers to put in your filofax and then she shared some videos showing off her own filofax and how she has customized it and uses it. Who knew that Filofax was still a thing, Filofax sounds so 80s and Working Girl to me (full disclosure, I’ve never seen that movie, but I imagine the women were all carrying filofaxes). But after watching a couple of Ashley’s videos it became evident that Filofaxes are still going strong and there were tons of people out there also sharing videos on their filofaxes.

Then a couple of days ago I saw a post on instagram by Kristen Nohe, a designer for Target, about her Midori Travel Journals. I’d never even heard of Midori before but now I’m obsessed.

If you check out Kristen’s post, she shares tons of links to more resources. If you are even so inclined it wouldn’t be that hard to make one yourself.

I love how both Ashley and Kristen are as obssessed as I am with all sorts of paper products. I feel like buying one of these products would suddenly justify my desires to overindulge in even more office supplies. I HAVE TO HAVE COOL PAPER CLIPS and WASHI TAPE and ELASTICS and HIGHLIGHTERS and even COOL BEADS for bookmarks of course.

If you can’t decide which you like better, then there’s a video to show how they compare here

Although, this vlogger was very new to the Midori so she didn’t really have it filled out yet or have many of the creative things in it like Kristen did above.

All I want to do is watch more videos and window shop online and daydream about designing all sorts of products that could fit into the Midori. I’ve always loved making those staple books and now I wonder if they might have a new life if I sized them and marketed them as Midori style books. Hmmm, thinking.


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2 thoughts on “Filofax and Midori

  1. What a dilemma! I hadn’t realized that filofax was such a “thing”. Reminds me much more of the planners I kept up in high school than the midori (those would be fun to flip through, but I doubt I kept any of them…), but I do like the idea of being able to pull out a whole booklet from the midori to archive it. I feel like it would make it easier to keep those than loose papers. The filofax does look cute all dressed up though… Hmmm.

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