Security Envelope Jewelry

I’m finally back with that post I promised about my idea for using the security envelopes. I’ve been in major production mode preparing for the Na-Da Farm sale and finally finished these pieces to share here.

5.8.13 jewelry3
I used them to make my paper spiral stratum jewelry pieces. Some rings and some pendants that will be turned into necklaces. I made a variety so I will be able to add some to my etsy shop soon.
5.8.13 jewelry2
I made some using manilla envelopes as a contrasting color.
5.8.13 jewelry
Fun eh? They would be fun for anyone, just to explain that the paper is actually the inside of security envelopes, but I kind of like to picture that book-keepers, accountants, and postal workers would really love them.
5.8.13 jewelry4

I hope to be back with another post in a day or two. Hopefully more about some of the other projects I’ve got going on for the sale. I have all these posts in the works, but just no time to actually publish them. It’s that pesky 9-5 job that always gets in the way. Right now I’m off to a hopefully productive work session with Courtney and Ann.


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  1. Love the manilla and security one! Just my colors. :) Tried to pin it but it wouldn’t work on my phone. Gr.

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