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So, as I’ve mentioned on here before, riding in a hot air balloon is on my list of things to do in my life. When I was a teen I had a longer list and I’m not sure where that list is anymore. I’ve been watching the Ellen Degeneres show and this season she has been talking a lot about life lists. I think it started seasons ago when Mandy Moore was on her show and mentioned having a list and one of them was to mow the lawn.  Ellen had her get on a riding lawn mower so that she could cross something off her list. This season she has been helping guests check things off their list. She also had a family on of a woman, Ann Nicole Nelson, who died in the world trade center on 9.11. Much later her mother was using her daughters laptop and found a file that contained a list of things Ann wanted to accomplish in her life. Here you can read the New York Times article that contains her list.

My list is pretty short (5 items), but here it is.

1. Sell my artwork (which I have done now that I have sold through Artomat and Etsy, thank you everyone!)

2. Be comfortable in my body (This is something I feel like I always struggle with and would love to accomplish)

3. Run a 10 minute mile (Since August I have started going to the gym every morning before work, thinking about this list I realize I should start focusing on this goal more)

4. Road trip across the country (The farthest roadtrip I have taken is to the Niagra falls with my sister)

5. Ride in a hot air balloon (I’ve been to a balloon festival, but have not had a ride yet)

So I guess I should add more things to my list. Nikki just sent me this article which I think is pretty great. Also, I’ve heard this book is really good.

Do you have a list, and what’s on it?


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