Birthday (cont.d)

I wanted to share some of the lovely gifts I got for my birthday.


Please pardon the nasty backdrop. These flowers were from my dear friend Jenny, a bouquet for my birthday and then the little flower in the lefthand corner was from sunday at her house. In one week I have seen her more times than I have seen her in the last few years combined. It was great. She is so inspiring, and like I have said a bajillion times “when I grow up I want to be like Jenny”. I just feel like she always looks like she is so comfortable in her own skin and thus has a great confidence, she is also so wise. I love how she has interests that are so vast, she would never be able to be pigeonholed into any “type” of person.

Tuesday night one of my favorite bands, Hem, was playing at Martyrs in chicago where Jenny works so she got me in and it was a beautiful show. Afterwards we spoke with Sally Ellyson, I got my ticket signed by her, and bought this shirt, which apparently won a design contest.


For my birthday I got some wonderful gifts. My friend Erin knows me too well and got me this art tile that is just so me. Then Al and Elinor gave me this kite that Al made and a set of envelopes that I am sure Elinor made. These presents all mean so much to me, being art and handmade. All presents should be required to be handmade, don’t you think?

I also got lots of other great presents, including something I am building now which I hope to share more of, on here later. The presents were wonderful, but having so many people around meant the world to me. Thanks again everyone for making my birthday so special, I feel loved.


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