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Drifting Off and Cloud Rainbows

Rainbow cloud pattern robayre

Earlier this year I read this where a person said that before falling asleep they think of the people they like, receiving good news. I think about that occasionally ever since reading it because 1. it is such a sweet and altruistic idea, and makes me so happy. 2. Maybe what we think of in those moments before we sleep can be seen as a snapshot of our inner thoughts and true being. and 3. Now I like to ask people what they think about in the moments before they fall asleep.

Matt said he doesn’t think, and I believe it. His head hits he pillow and he’s out (sometimes even before that point). Matt’s Mom said she counts.

I almost always like to think of art and making. Creating, art materials, concepts and ideas around art.

When I was young I used to have insomnia. When I was in college we were required to keep a daily sketchbook (a page for each studio class each day). I slept with my sketchbook in the bed next to me, and that is probably when I started thinking of art before sleep, and also when I probably stopped lying in bed all night watching the clock of doom tick away. Often, I’d reach over and scribble out ideas or sketches that I had in half (or full) dreams. It’s where I had the idea for my ongoing Circle Series. Actually, at that point, I didn’t have my sketchbook in bed with me, so I rushed into the kitchen and drew this out on my dry erase board on the fridge. I had been wanting to work in a way where I could use a lot of different mediums and styles, and still incorporate them into one cohesive body of work.

I didn't want to share my next #pattern until I shared more of my swan patterns, but they still aren't done so here is #Bright for #patternjanuary. My idea was scribble-like rainbow suns, and I built most of it in #paper53, and assembled it as a repeating

Earlier this week I had another one of those ideas right as I was falling asleep. I grabbed my phone this time and used an app to scribble it out. I had the idea of the “Bright” pattern I made (above), but cutting the circle in half, essentially making it into a rainbow shape. Originally, in my head I think the half circle rainbows would become like a scallop pattern, rainbow next to rainbow, next to rainbow.

Rainbow cloud pattern robayre      Rainbow cloud pattern robayre
On the left the idea I scribbled out at night, and on the right, one of the final “cloud rainbows”

I’ve been thinking that I should try some patterns that are not so tightly fit. A lot of the patterns I make are pretty packed because when I use fabric and sew I know that if things are too spread apart, and fabric is cut small, you don’t get to see much of the pattern. I’ve just long preferred tiny patterns on fabric, ever since my first days of making yoyos as a teenager.

When I thought of this new pattern, I thought it might be nice to switch it up. I thought of it more in terms of larger fabric pieces (fashion or upholstery), perhaps because of the influence of Society6 and Spoonflower on me. I also have been working on a different scallop pattern series already, with gelli printed papers, so I decided to really go with a “rainbow” feel. Since the rainbows would be more spread apart, I thought I needed to add another element, so I thought of adding clouds to the background, and that was when I had the idea to add an actual scallop, cloud-like edging, to the outside of each rainbow.

rainbow cloud pattern

The whole pattern feels kind of dream-like, so it was appropriate that it came to me the way that it did. Here is a 3×3 repeat of the pattern, so you can see what it looks like on repeat overall.

Last night I had another idea, only, stupidly I thought the idea was concrete enough that I’d remember it in the morning and of course, it’s gone. Word to the wise, dream ideas are never concrete. Maybe it will come back to me again tonight.

What do you think of before going to sleep?



For 1″ badges and sleep

4.11 for buttons, originally uploaded by robayre.

It’s Sunday night and I’m procrastinating going to bed and getting ready for the new work week. I’ve started a bad habit since Thursday of staying up till 2 a.m. and sleeping in until 9 a.m. or later. This is not going to swing tomorrow morning when I have to be up and at work by 8. Haha, who’m I kidding, 8:15.

Sometimes I feel like a little kid still when it comes to going to bed. I hate going to be bed and it takes me FOREVER to shut down my mind and actually fall asleep. I mean, I’ll lie there for 30-45 minutes on average before I finally fall asleep. Some nights it’s horrible and it will be hours. Matt, in contrast, hits the pillow and he’s instantly snoring away. When I was little I remember my mom or sister told me to keep my eyes closed and just lay really still and I will eventually fall asleep. I think most kids are like that, but probably grow out of that by the time they become adults. Not me. I still feel tortured, keeping my body and mind still before falling asleep. I know my friend Nikki C. has the same kind of memory from her childhood and still has trouble shutting down as well as an adult, so I’m not alone.


Tonight, part of resisting going to bed has been playing with watercolors in my studio. I’ve had some button ideas in my mind lately and saw this picture on flickr earlier tonight which gave me the push to actually start. I like what I’ve done, but I haven’t punched out the circles yet. I think I’ll continue working on my buttons tomorrow, before I break out my button machine.


“It’s the place you go when your body’s asleep and you can feel the dream starting to come on. I try and get calm so the ideas don’t go away. I let it come slowly. Then as the ideas come I write slower. Which may sound counterintuitive! But you don’t have to catch ideas. They’re like the ocean around you”

Lynda Barry from the Chicago Tribune article Being Lynda Barry

Projects vs. Sleep

I’m so tired. It’s a beautiful day out, but instead of having a productive afternoon off, I’ll probably fall asleep on the porch swing. School is back in session and that means one thing, the local university newspaper is back in print and now I must work my weird day (going in at 2 am, off at 10 am).
This weekend I was feeling exhausted by my need to work on something, anything creative. I have felt lost for a bit without an inspiring project that consumes my every thought. That thing that can get me through the day, and helps me fall asleep dreaming about it at night. After feeling this emptiness for what seems like an eternity, Saturday evening I hit my personal library and found just the inspiration I needed. 1. from the Complete Craft, a cuff bracelet that was originally done in beadwork, but I will be adapting for my own style (you can see what I’ve done so far in the above picture, and 2. Just the perfect push for an art show this winter, thanks to Erin and the book Kaleidoscope.
But finally when I feel so inspired and just want to dig into my new projects, I feel like I can’t even see straight.
I. Must. Rest. Swing. Is. Calling. Me.