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yo-yo sets

I’ve been working on making more yo-yo sets, as my shop has been very slowly being emptied out. Here are a couple new ones.


Hey Hey You You

Last weekend Matt and I drove down to St. Louis (highland to be precise) to visit Nikki. She looked great and was having some really wonderful days while we were there, feeling energetic and able to move around with ease. While we were down we watched the two Ewok movies. Matt jumped on the bed while I photographed it, check out this fun site for hotel bed jumping if you haven’t seen it before.

Nikki also got her hair cut while we were down there and I invited myself along. It was super cute and I was jealous because she got the hair cut along with the hair I wish I had. On the way back home we saw these excellent wind farms.


Then the third was Matt’s birthday and I got him this t-shirt from tinaseamonster. He honestly worries that zombies could exist and it couldn’t have been a more perfect shirt for him.

Hope everyone had a great fourth of july. I’m ready for the weekend, how about you?