Halloween Stationery Set

Halloween Stationery Set

Over the summer I made this ghost in the graveyard stationery/note paper but then never did anything with it. I was really proud of that skeleton and the headstone, and really LOVED drawing the grass in the graveyard.

We have a cemetery a block away from our house and whenever I walk or drive by it at night (even when I was a kid) I ALWAYS thought of that Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark/urban legend story about a girl being dared to go stand on a grave in the middle of the night. To show proof that she had, she was given a knife to drive into the ground, over a grave. She was afraid but went to the cemetery, stood over the grave, kneeled down to put the knife in the ground. When she went to leave she felt a tug on her nightgown. She tried to leave again but she felt the pull on her dress and knew the deceased person below had ahold of her and was trying to pull her into the ground. She immediately collapsed, dying of fright right there on the grave. When she didn’t return, her friends went to the graveyard and found her body, AND that she had driven the knife through the hem of her nightgown, which was what actually prevented her from walking away. OoOoOoh!

Recently I realized this stationery piece would make for a cute, quick, downloadable and printable piece to add to my shop. Buy it now for $1, only during spooky month.



And before I listed the stationery set, not wanting to waste that cute skeleton, I made this gif


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