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Muro Jewelry post under construction

I got a new necklace and I’m in LOVE! I’m so excited to add this original and one of a kind piece to my collection of wearable art. It just arrived and now I want to wear it every single day.

Muro Jewelry post under construction

It’s a new piece by my dear friend Rosa Murillo. If you’ve been around a while, I’m sure you are familiar with Rosa as she is the creator of Found Art Tuesday. I have to tell you guys, Rosa has really been killing it lately with Muro Jewelry, and I am so amazed and proud that I just had to share some of her pieces here.

These pieces are just so breathtaking. Not only that, they are crazy affordable, like to the point I that thought they were going to be double or triple their actual price. If you like her work you may want to snap something up before she realizes that.

She is actually an architect turned artist and metal smith (Brainy AND creative!) and a wife and a mother of 3 little ones.

She has been selling in shops, galleries and at shows a lot lately and after seeing her current work and with a little “insider information” I really do think she may explode soon.

Ahem, I do believe this piece might have originally debuted as the Robyn or Robayre necklace ;)

This mesmerizing piece makes me think of movies under water and how a light catches every single organism living in the water and makes it glow like glitter and confetti.

I remember when we were both first learning about resin. In the meantime she has taken that skill and run with it. All of her hard work is really showing.

You should most definitely follow her on instagram, and if you see anything you like I wouldn’t hesitate to message her directly because things seem to be moving fast.

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