Mosaic of my most recent instagrams
Another mosaic of my most recent instagrams. Other mosaics from instagram can be seen here.

My instagram obsession has been going on now for two years in December. It really kicked into full force a little over one year ago and NOW I can  proudly say that I have posted daily on instagram for over a year! Yes, I have finally finished a 365 project, but note that I never committed to it, because if I did, it would have gone the way of my 365 little book pages, my 365 self portrait, and my 365 mailart project. That is to say, it would have been abandoned. After posting about all the great people she was following, I started “hounding” Anika (from aisforanika) about composing a post about creative people she follows on instagram. I’m always looking for new talented folks. Then I realized I too could create my very own post about instagrammers to follow.

Instagram has really taken place of the social network image sharing site that flickr once held. I begrudgingly renewed my prime account a few days ago because I’m locked in after hosting my blog images there for years. People still use it to house their images, but no one really comments or interacts there anymore and it’s sad. That was a HUGE part of the appeal of flickr and now it’s gone. I stand by the idea that if they could just get a REALLY swanky free app people would be using it again. People don’t want to be limited to square format and have to see vintage filtered pics forever. The truth is, not everyone is at their computer 24/7, but they do have their ipods and phones with them all the time and they want to be able to upload pictures on a whim. What is flickr waiting for? End rant.

Okay, so here are 10 great instagrammers. I’m a big fan of all of these fabulous ladies.

Andrea (HulaSeventy)



Heidi Kenny (mypapercrane)

Barbara (bbphotogirl)

Anika (AisforAnika)

Jill Bliss

Tiel Seivl-Keevers (Tielsk)

Marta Mendes (martapoeiras)

Ashley Goldberg

edit: Katie’s comment reminded me of a way I’ve tracked down artists on instagram. Although instagram allows you to find contacts via facebook and your email, and they allow you to upload pictures directly from instagram to flickr and facebook, they don’t allow you to search for contacts via flickr. A way I found to get around this was by going to flickr, signing in and typing in “instagram” in the search field. When you do that a drop down window pops up and asks if you’d like to search “everyone’s photos” or “other search options”. If you select other search options one of those options is “your contacts’ photos”. When people upload pictures to flickr via instagram it automatically tags them with the word “instagram”. This way you can find pictures that your flickr contacts have uploaded from instagram and it will help you track down other artists.


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2 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. oooh, i didn’t know Tiel Seivl-Keevers had instagram! i love everything she makes.

    and i’m with you about flickr. poor old flickr. I still check it everyday even though I rarely ever comment/favorite/upload anymore. which is too bad because I still think it’s the best photo sharing site.

  2. I hope Flickr can re-energize as well… It’s how I found you (^∇^)Thank you so much for including me in your 10 list… I feel so gitty now (*^◯^*)

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