Little Ring Boxes

Little ring boxes getting ready for resin
I recently completed a whole bunch of little ring boxes. The picture above is an instagram shot of a few of them getting ready for their resin coating.

I love making these boxes, but the resin stage can be finicky. To start off, I dripped some of the resin on my pant leg, but the rest of the process went well. The next day I checked on them and each one was beautiful and perfect. Once they were hard (or so I thought) I made the mistake of leaving them out on a table to photograph them. I think the cat must have knocked two of them over. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but the two he knocked over fell on the face of two others. The resin to resin contact sealed their faces together and ruined four all together. I was sad because they were four that I really liked in particular. It wasn’t a huge casualty but it was just the experience of the ruined pieces felt like it blemished the whole experience. Does that ever happen to you?

Still, I have many more that turned out perfectly and beautiful and are waiting, affordably, in the shop for new homes. Click on the images above to take you to the listing, where you can see even more pictures of each box. I have listed four now, but stay tuned for more.

New ring boxes available at


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