Renegade Loot 2011

9.10.11 Renegade Chicago
Time for my Renegade 2011 loot post. As you can see above, I was able to hit up the photobooth again. Here’s last year’s.

This year was a great success for finding goodies and a hit on my wallet, as you will see below. I dropped a few pretty pennies, but picked up some lovely treasures at the same time.

Last year I bought a fox shirt from Gnome Enterprises and it is hands down the most comfortable shirt I own. Also, every time I wear it I get compliments.  So, this year I had to get another and I debated getting the fox shirt again (because I LOVE it that much) but in green this time, but went with the buffalo shirt after all. It make me think of the prairie and I love me some prairie.

9.11.11 Renegade 1
I’ve eyed these little brooches by MigrationJewelry on Etsy before. I was glad to see them at Renegade and purchased this orange marmalade one that wasn’t smiling or frowning, but just a straight across mouth. He cracks me and I love him.

I bought a half set of these “GRACIAS” letterpress cards from YeeHaw. The colors of my cards are more vibrant and less pastel-y like the ones pictured.

9.11.11 Renegade 2
I bought this chalkboard bunting banner from KillsideKrafts. I think I might hang it on the front door with a little greeting.

9.11.11 Renegade 3
I love this little leather pouch from Romantique. Not sure what I will put inside of it just yet. Love notes, prayers or tiny treasures to keep close to my heart.

9.11.11 Renegade 6
It’s true, I don’t even have pierced ears, but I plan on making these earrings from Eaganaise into a necklace.

9.11.11 Renegade 5
I purchased this mini terrarium from Black Forest Clockworks. It has a couple on a park bench. The man is just chilling back and the woman is fist pumping, so yeah, it’s pretty awesome. It’s already on our mantel.

9.11.11 Renegade 4
This black snap double cuff bracelet from Vert Moderne is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and I’ve been wearing it ever since I bought it. The other bracelets I just purchased at the PaperSource and they are made from repurposed materials.

9.11.11 Renegade 7
And last, but definitely not least, here is a twig ring from Species By The Thousands. This was actually the first purchase for the day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hunted Etsy for twig jewelry, so this was a perfect find for me.

It was a great year!


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  1. bummer- i miss this every year…. this time we took an extended weekend and drove to SC, NC, WV, PN, NY…. and then back home…. fun trip- but I would love to attend Renegade.

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