Mailart 365 139-145

Hey, remember my Mailart365 project? Yeah, it’s been a long break, with house buying, and moving, but I haven’t forgotten. Even before the move I was already 3 weeks behind but I don’t plan on throwing in the towel yet. Yesterday I decided to finally count up exactly how far behind I was and I’m officially 8 weeks back. 7 after this post.
9.9.11 139 365

For years I’ve wanted to use chalkboard paint in my home. Now that we are home owners it’s finally going to happen. We have some ideas, but they haven’t been executed yet. In the meantime, while I’ve been on my mailart break I’ve been wanting to do lots of nonsense sketches in my sketchbook. It occurred to me to make some chalkboard painted postcards so I could do nonsense sketches as mailart, but still make the pieces interesting. The cards have all been spray fixed so they won’t smudge in the mail.
9.9.11 140 365 9.9.11 141 365
9.9.11 142 365 9.9.11 143 365
9.9.11 144 365 9.9.11 145 365

Today is a very exciting day, Renegade in Chicago! I hope I can find some wonderful treasures and that I don’t get too annoyed with the crowds. Also, I hope they have the photobooth again.


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  1. I know what you mean – I’ve not thrown in the towel yet either, despite what it looks like, but me and Elena are in the middle of a house move too. I figure that we can make 365 pieces although probably won’t get it done in 365 days. Heck it’s only a game, and if we get 365 pieces done I’ll be well proud!

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