Chalkboard Calendar Autumn 2019

Chalkboard Calendar Autumn 2019

Halfway through 2019 I got so busy with life that art took a far step backward. While I greatly missed it, I tried not to let it bother me too much, as I figured I was/am going through a phase where I am busy living AND filling up my inspiration well for things to come later.


As you can see the fall/autumn chalkboard was crazy filled. I always have guilt that I get behind on the list and probably forget to write down major things, but I do hit most points. Winter is here and it’s time to move on to a new board.

But, before that, it’s the last day of 2019 and this year treated me very well. It was very eventful! Since I’m sharing my top 9s for the year over on instagram I figured I’d add those to this post as well.

Best of 2019 top9

This is the top 9 generated by those sites that gather likes and comments. This year both shared the same posts. I like it, the color, the pattern, the materials/media, it all feels very robayre.

Best of 2019 top9

I went through my posts from the year and grabbed the 9 art posts that most spoke to me and made this. It took forever, but I finished Pattern January, I sent in my Sketchbook Project #tinysketchbookproject, made a sticker pack that I still haven’t added to my shop (what’s new?), submitted a prototype for a new series for Art-o-mat (intaglio), participated in the tiny art door (#tinyartexchange) by the Tiny Art Show, I loved being able to paint from my own photographs in oil, had this 2 page rainbow sticker stationery printed, was commissioned to make a lot of beads, and started work on a black on black flying geese pattern that will probably be turned into a quilted journal cover.

Best of 2019 top9

And I went through my instagram posts and pulled my top 9 of LIFE. The year started out with a bang, I shared a pic of Matt hanging my barn quilt but also chose to represent how he started a new job and probably left for training a day or so after taking this picture, I took an online class in oil painting and explored oils for the first time in my life (I had always been so intimidated before, but found it very natural and easy), I signed up and volunteered quite a lot of hours over the summer at Garfield Farm and Museum in an archeological excavation of a location that used to have a home in the 1800s and found a lot of wonderful artifacts, our family rented a house in Indiana near the dunes we usually only visit for a day (we’ve already made reservations for a longer time in 2020), my second niece Rosemary Therese was born on September 30th and our family is THRILLED, the outfacing camera on my old phone died and Matt and my family gifted me a HUGE upgrade, I participated in my first craft show in years, I knit some socks and this hat that I modeled after another hat I have and love, and last but not least, I stayed with Rosa and assisted her during the One of a Kind Show at the merchandise mart and had THE BEST TIME!

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