Series III Art-o-mat is FINALLY out!

Untitled Art-o-mat series III

I’ve been in a funk for the last couple days, and the fog has lifted! I’m adding things to my t0-do lists and feeling pulled in so many directions. When updating my list I accidentally crossed off that I had already posted about sending out my third Art-o-mat series, so here I am making it right.

Third Art-o-mat series video

When I started my third series I fully intended for it to be a very fast series. My first series was mostly paintings based on images that caught my eye, the second series was paintings based on collages I made. The third series started at the beginning of a new year and I decided that I was just going to explore and paint random things that came to me at the time, and hopefully it would help me grow as an artist quickly. I even aimed to send out multiple series in one year! Years and years later I finally wrapped up 50 paintings with a few smaller series included (grass quote paintings, grass profile paintings, and paintings based on collages from my gelatin printing).

I finally finished designing (and then printing, cutting and folding) my insert for my Art-o-mat series. Now all I need to do is pack them all up and send them off. #robayreartomat

If it hadn’t taken long enough to build each mini canvas, and then paint each piece, once I was done then I started out on a whole new set of obstacles including photographing each piece with a unique background. For almost a year I carried a bag of a few paintings around with meĀ  everywhere I went, looking for the best opportunity to chronicle each piece. THEN, once that was done I photographed each piece again, and the collection and mini collections and then needed to design the packaging and insert for the series. Then package it all up, and make sure they fit the requirements. To say I dragged the whole process out is an understatement.

Art-o-mat Series III

Each series needs to be at least 50 pieces, and Art-0-mat may send 5-10 pieces to different machines and they can sell rather fast. I won’t know where my artwork sold until I get my coveted little green card. Machine owners can request artists and Art-o-mat will try and fulfill those requests as they can. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing where my pieces sold. I also have a new series that I want to work on already.

I’ve been sharing each painting down one column of my instagram feed, and I’m crossing my finger that maybe a buyer or two will spy the artwork they purchased and leave a comment. I think I’ll share a post for each 10 paintings. Meanwhile, feel free to check it out on instagram and follow me over there.

Also, feel free to click over to Flickr to look through all three of my previous Art-o-mat series.


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