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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’ve been sharing the simple things I’m thankful for over on Instagram this week. The idea occurred to me as the holiday approached and I remembered Thanksgivings of my childhood. When I was growing up we usually spent Thanksgiving with my Grandma Wells and she always prompted us to go around the table and share what we were thankful for. As a kid I remember feeling anxiety as my turn approached. I don’t think I heard a single thing anyone else shared because my mind was racing for that BIG and MEANINGFUL thing I was thankful for. I felt it had to be important, impress, but also sound genuine. The love of my family, and the beautiful earth, peace and freedom, etc., which sounds totally 100% legit, right? Basically, the things that came to mind were those general things that I thought everyone is supposed to be grateful for. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that it would have been pertinent and preferable if I had just shared the little (and REAL) things of my small world, that I actually knew and cherished. One, it would be so much more adorable for a child to share how much she appreciated her cabbage patch doll, or trips to the pet store. And two, it’s HONEST. What did I know, as a little kid, about peace and freedom, having only lived in peace and freedom my entire life and never experienced (or probably even saw views of) the contrary?

So, in this vein of thought, I thought I’d come here tonight and share a short list of the small things that I am so-so honestly thankful for.

-Chewy/gummy fruit candy

-A relatively clean foyer and having tackled my junk mail/bill demons and finally started filing things properly

This recipe for potato rolls that I’m going to be making for Thanksgiving dinners (it’s tried and true)

-A whole room full of art materials and tools

-Podcasts (I’ve been saying it for years, but I really do want to share a post of my favorites. In the meantime, HERE is an amazing list that Andrea organized of her favorite This American Life episodes)

-My Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify

-Ryan Adams


-Amazing skies and cloud formations

-Being able to still take walks outdoors, even as it approaches December

-My iphone (my precious)

-How OMGCUTE! my niece and nephews are, and their hugs, and their constant need for my attention when I’m around (I know it won’t last)

-It seems BIG, but believe me that it is 100% honest… I am SO THANKFUL for growing up in an environment that cherished and encouraged CREATIVITY and MAKING.

I’ll probably return to add things as they come to me.

I hope that if you are reading this you can also find plenty of things to be thankful for, are surrounded by loved ones, feel safe, healthy, happy and laugh a lot.


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