I found out about the Phhhoto app last week via Katie of Skunkboy and I’m a bit obsessed now. The app allows you to make a moving picture, kind of like a gif, but actual video. Think about it as if you were going to take a picture, only now you can capture a second before and after the photo, so the resulting picture has movement.

I love this new-to-me app, and want to connect with others on there, but of all the contacts I have on my phone, facebook and twitter, there are are only 4 other people using phhhoto, so, please check it out! I think you’ll love it and then we can be friends! Here are a few Phhhotos that I’ve shared recently.

Creating at my drawing table

Driving through Shabbona Lake State Park yesterday

Flipping through a Pantone color book at work

This was my first phhhoto, I was so proud that I got my niece Gemma’s hair into these baby buns. Her hair is like cotton candy, and I have a whole new respect for when her mother gets it into braids or pigtails, etc. Also, Gemma never objects. I think back to when I was a kid and crying from what felt like hair pulling, getting my hair just so.

There is a publish to instagram option, but it puts a phhhoto logo on the picture, which I’m not crazy about. If you publish the phhhoto in the app, then you can go back in to the post and save the looping video to your camera roll and publish it to instagram without the logo.

Let me know if you create an account!



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