My Fall 2013 list

Time to share a new quarterly chalkboard list.

It’s been a few days since the Winter Solstice. Matt is always quick to correct people, the solstice and equinoxes are NOT the first day of the season, despite popular belief. Regardless, I will use those dates (roughly) to change my running calendar of what has happened over the season. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of things missing from this list, things I wanted to write down but then couldn’t remember what they were later.

I feel the need to expound on items on the list because even now I sometimes have a hard time trying to remember what something was referring to. I got the fitbit in August, so technically it should have been on the last board, but I wasn’t fully immersed in it until this board began. Still going strong wtth regular 10,000 daily steps. My sister and I went to Renegade in Chicago, as usual. Garden Harvest, Kite Fest, not sure if the kite fest IS the garden harvest or if I’ve already forgotten what the garden harvest was. We took my nephew to the kite fest and ran around, it was fun. For a very late birthday gift to Matt I got tickets to see Blue Man Group. I’ve seen them several times already, but Matt had never seen them before and had a great time. I’m a big baby and complained about how I just wanted Baker’s Square pie for my birthday and then when it came to my birthday Matt’s parents showed up with the pie from 45 miles away. It was SO NICE, but I felt absolutely undeservedly spoiled. Matt and I went to see the movie Gravity, opening night, and REALLY enjoyed it a lot. We had multiple book club meetings at Twin’s (my neighborhood pub) and everyone got really excited about a woman who comes in regularly to sell customers blocks of cheese. My brother, SIL, nephew, neice, Matt and I went to this “pumpkin patch” which really just looked like someone’s front yard, where they sell tons of pumpkins for SUPER cheap. I taught a notebook making class at the Craft Day Extravaganza. Looking back what I really remember was the panic and stress it caused me, but that was all self induced and unnecessary.  The whole clan went to the corn maze, which we hadn’t done for a few years. My friend Bethany invited me join her and her students on a field trip to SOFA and of course I was filled with tons of inspiration. I decorated our front tree with pumpkins and finally finished documenting the tree changing colors, and made an animated gif of it. I posted to my blog everyday in the month of November. I joined my friend Bethany for an art show opening at NIU and then we took a short class about public installation work. I worked with to sell my gold & silver garlands and had TONS of holiday sales between that, my shop and wholesale orders, I went through hell week when it was revealed that the owner wanted to change my work schedule so that I would be coming in at 4 a.m. I was so close to quitting, but we worked it out so that I now work a slightly modified schedule and now essentially have Fridays off, woo hoo, and then of course I threw my 8th annual gingerbread house making party.

Things I just remembered that should have been on the list: I saw the movie About Time and it tore me to shreds, that movie is SO GOOD, I made this skeleton sweatshirt that I love, love, love, I donated items to help benefit Typhoon Haiyan relief, I found new boots, I printed and fell in love with this stationery, I had an art evening with Erica working on gelli prints, my notebooks and necklaces are for sale at the Visitior’s Center in Rockford, IL.

It was a VERY BUSY and productive fall.

It was fitting that on Christmas my nephew zoned in on the board and erased the lower half to draw on. Time for the next list to begin.


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