Day 30 NaBloPoMo Swan Brooch

11.30 Swan Brooch

Today for my last NaBloPoMo post I can share with you this brooch I made for a friend‘s birthday present because she has received it now. It actually all started with this picture I took, below.


Matt and I were wandering around killing time in Chicago when I saw these swans. We’ve probably all seen a swan planter before, but to have two and put them head to head like swans do, and in front of that bright blue wall, everything was so perfect. When I originally shared the picture on instagram Ann commented “I want those” and then over time I started noticing that I think she really has a thing for swans. I actually had the idea that I was going to buy her two swan planters but was worried that when presented with two huge blown plastic swans she would actually be like “gee, thanks” but thinking “what a nutter, where on earth am I going to put these things?”

felt brooch progress pic

Then I started LOVING making felt brooches and had the idea to make a brooch with two swans instead. Easier to wrap. I got the idea for the tulle wings from another brooch online, but I wish I could take credit for that though. These brooches I have been making are kind of ginormous, so I don’t know if people will really actually want to wear them or attach them to something (like a bag or pillow) where they can just look at them. I’m not afraid of large and bold jewelry, but I know it’s not for everyone. It’s probably about 5 inches wide.

And just a reminder that the tooth brooch I made is still available on Artists Heal PH, which will help raise funds for typhoon Haiyan relief. This brooch is approximately 4.5″ tall.


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3 thoughts on “Day 30 NaBloPoMo Swan Brooch

  1. I love these brooches! Not only how they are made, but also the subjects – the tooth! The swans! It would be fun to see them smaller too. Do you have a vision for other subjects?

    I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen a swan planter before! Wow! People here put fake but realistic looking Canada geese figures on their front lawns even though we are surrounded by the real thing all year long. Very funny.

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